Friday, May 15, 2009


So, that is one of the new phrases I learned this week...thanks to Satomi! She and I actually meet every Tuesday for an hour or so to just speak Japanese and English. She wants to learn English, and I want to learn Japanese, so it is a win-win situation!! I love that such a relationship is possible here. :) Also this week, I got two partners for conversational Japanese practice. It`s a Hokusei-sponsored event, and we will meet at least 3 times in the next month for at least an hour to do the same. My first meeting with them is also next Tuesday, so after that, I will feel like I have had tons of Japanese practice!

My house!

Me at the Ume Forest.

This is the BCA group and some others at the wonderful Indian Curry restuarant that we went to on Wednesday. DELICIOUS!!! とてもおいしかったでした!

Soroban!!!! It`s on our dinner mats that we use at home. :D

Bruises, baby! I always take pictures of my crash bruses....

So last Saturday, I kind of had a bike accident. I don`t want anyone to worry when I write what happened. I assure you, I am fine. As I was riding to school, I got hit by a car. I was riding on the sidewalk, and there just happened to be a parking lot entrance that coincided with the sidewalk. The car was turning in, but obviously didn`t see me. I assumed that it would stop, just like every car has up to this point, but it didn`t. I should tell you that neither one of us were travelling very quickly as I was braking and they were turning in. but I got some pretty good bruises, as you can see above. I was sore for maybe two days, but I am near 100% now. I`ve been running 5 times since it happened, so I am definitely fine. Actually, when I hit the ground, I immediately got up, because I knew I was fine. The people were very very sorry, but being as I am a foreigner and don`t know too much Japanese, all I could say is Daijobu desu. That means, I am alright. I tried to communicate that to them as well as possible, so hopefully they understood it. It was just a freak accident, and I am SOOOOOO glad that I am okay.

Last Sunday, I went to a park by my house to look at Ume and Sakura blossoms. Most of the pictures with trees in them are from this place. It was gorgeous to say the least, and I took many pictures and video. It was nice to see so many people at the park, enjoying the day. It was actually Mother`s Day, so maybe that is why it was so crowded. Oh yea, I bought two flowers for my host-mom, and soon we will be able to plant them outside. :)

Oh yes! I learned about a そろばん this week! One night after dinner, my host family and I were talking and somehow, our conversation ended up talking about this. It`s basically a Japanese calculator, and it is very similar to what many Americans know as an abacus. Surprising as this may sound, I have never played with or seen an abacus, and I am a Math major! Lol. So, needless to say, I was BEYOND fascinating with this gadget. My host mom is really good at it, as are most Japanese people, and I tried following along with how she did the basic 4 calculations, but it was a little difficult. I am hoping to find one at a second hand shop soon, so I can play around with it myself. Also, I guess these things provide great skills for people, and in school, you complete certain levels of speed with the sorobans, and then you can put it on your resume. How cool is that??