Sunday, June 21, 2009

Enjoy this video of me eating natto!

Be sure to notice all the spit-like, stringy stuff surrounding the soy beans. :)

P.S. (In Brit`s tone) My hair is CRAZY!

A rhino at the zoo!!
Curry, eggs, pineapple, and cucumber. The very first Japanese book that I read!!
The back of the postcard that I gave my host dad for Father`s Day. The front was a map of Indiana. :D
A huge meal one night...there`s fish, rice, miso, egg salad, green peppers, tofu, and anko-covered rice balls, which are delicious!!
Ladies and Gentlemen, this is natto!! Its defined as "fermented soybeans". And it`s super delicious! Not to mention healthy! Want to try it?? We ate this last night as an inside bbq since my friend Elias`s bbq has been cancelled 3 weeks in a row! The meat is actually lamb...yumm! I just took this video last night...and due to the content, I bet you can see why!