Friday, March 20, 2009

I am finally here!

Oh boy. It seems like such a long time coming. The flights over were great. On the second one-the shorter one-I sat next to a Japanese man, and said "Konban wa", and then the rest is history. We talked the whole flight in Japanese, and in English, and it was wonderful!! It was a great cultural experience, especially since we`d just arrived in Japan earlier that day. Oh man, what a fantastic experience.

Jason Barrows picked us up and treated us to dinner! Our first meal was a benki, which is typically a box lunch type thing in Japan. It had vegetable and shrimp tempura with tons of rice. Afterward, I felt a little sick. That feeling continued for a couple days, and it`s only gone away today. I went for a run the first morning I was here, which would have been yesteday. It was great to be outside, running around in Sapporo. :D

Emotionally, I am doing okay. I`ve been feeling a lot of different ways throughout my first couple days here. I`ve been mostly down, but I am definitely on the upswing of it, and I am doing fine. I am excited for all the other BCA students to come tomorrow night and for the Honshu trip that we will leave for on Tuesday! Sapporo is pretty chilly now, which is definitely a shock, coming from Hawaii. Honshu is a little warmer, so that will be nice. I can`t wait. I haven`t taken too many pictures yet, but I know I will on the 10 day trip coming up.

Later today, Kate and I hope to go to the 100\ store to look at all the cool things they have. We`ve heard great things about them. I might try to find some post cards today too.

Also yesterday, a BCA student who is here for a year, took us around some of Sapporo via the subway. It was neat to see around the different parts of this large city. His nickname is Zero...I am not sure what his real name is since no one calls him by it. We also went into Yodobashi Camera. This is like the biggest electronic store in Hokkaido, and it was a neat experience. It was sooooo busy and chaotic. I liked that environment. It said a lot about the culture.


  1. Great to hear it! This is Jason Adams, if you couldn't tell.

    You are going to have so much fun. I met Zero in January. He's a nice guy. Did you meet Rise, Mame, Suekun, Kentaro, Yoshi, Nori, Satomi...anybody? They're really cool people.

    Try to meet up with Yuto. You remember him, right? He'll show you a good time.

    I'm glad to hear you are there. I am jealous. I wish I could visit. Maybe I will...

    Send my best to Kate. Have a great time. Peace!


  2. JT, we are so used to calling you Jason, but here, there is already a Jason. :) We met Mame, Sukuen, Nori, and Satomi, I think. We`ve met them only once, so I have forgotten their names. You should visit. We`ll probably be in Kyoto or Tokyo after school`s out.

  3. Ohayoo... well, technically for you it is Oyasuminasai! I really enjoy reading all of your updates about everything. Jason and I had dinner at el Mesquite last night, and we are both entirely jealous of you and Kate. I hope you two have a great time and keep warm!