Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Media update!

Look at how big that claw is!! About 9 flights of stairs in the Kyoto station. More stairs at the Nijo Castle...These weren`t bad because they felt like you were going down`s hard to understand unless you were there. Look at all the ice cream flavors! The eggplant, onion, and garganzola cheese pizza that Kate and I shared...We figured since most Japanese portions are so large, we could split it. It was very tasty, but too thin. It didn`t fill us up at all. Lesson learned. It was in Kyoto. Before the onsen. Inari gates!! I am fascinated with them!! Cherry Blossoms in Kyoto. Cherry Blossoms in Kiyomizu Temple. Bamboo forest in Inari. Group pic at Inari. Me at Inari!! A Shrine. Me at the Nijo castle. A few of the 10000 gates at Inari. Some of the BCA group...from left, John, Elias, Patrick, Me, Kayla, Sapphira, and Ben. Sakura in Kyoto. Sapporo Tower. Marimokkori... Downtown Kyoto.
My blog from Kyoto!!
The first one from Sapporo!! P.S. I have a bunch more pictures, but they are all on other cameras. My batteries were getting low, so I didn`t use my camera for the latter part of the trip...I`ll have to upload them soon. Check Kate`s Facebook for more!

This is from Tokyo!


  1. Okay, dude, I still don't get Japan, but I'm glad you're enjoying yourself :)

  2. Snack party sounds awesome as does the 100 yen store, the peanut stuff not so much though. Don't worrry about your communication. Live in the moment. This is your chance. Love you!

  3. Thanks for posting all of those pictures and videos. If you send me your address, perhaps I can send you a care package that may or may not contain peanut butter.