Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Segoi ne!!

We made origami last night at dinner!!!

"This could be Jesus."-Kevin

Kate and I after climbing up a hill.

The four of us at our "picnic" in the woods.

This is the one where only I followed the rules!!

And here is when everyone finally went along with the timer rules. :)

That is Elias doing something funny.

What else can I update about??? On Monday, Kate, Kevin, Elias, and I went for a bike ride on the usual cycling path. Kate and I, being the adventurers that we are, climbed up this very steep hill just for the heck of it. The boys just stood and watched. Also, Kate brought some wonderful bread, and we had a mini picnic as we stood in the woods. And, most of the bread had anto in it. Now, I know what you`re thinking, "Natalie doesn`t like that stuff...." Well she might now. :D It tasted a lot better than it ever did on the Honshu trip, so I may actually like it now. Yay!!! In on of the group pictures, everyone but me is looking really relaxed and unemotional. Umm, that`s because they are jerks and didn`t follow the rules of the camera timer!! Lol. How it works is, I set the camera to take two pictures, one all smilely(is that even a word??) and then the second one all goofy. You see how it turned out...lol. I am always the one to fall for that kind of stuff!! No matter, we are a great group. :D

Before we went for this little bike ride, I went for a run outside in shorts and a t-shirt!! It was such a nice day. Originally, I planned to run inside on the track, but as I was walking from class to the gym, I realized just how nice it was. I couldn`t pass up the nice weather...so I ran for 42 minutes. I am not sure how many miles or anything, but it was a great run. :D I am also thinking about running in a couple races here in Sapporo. Probably a 10K first, and then, hopefully a mini-marathon after that! I am very excited about this possibility, and I am anxious to run in more races. Let`s see....yesterday was a fabulous night at dinner. We had this weird egg omelet type of food with rice in the middle. Actually, the egg acted more like a wrap, and the rice in the middle was mixed with onions and ketchup. Yes, I said ketchup. Lol, it was delicious, needless to say.


  1. These pics are soooo cute! I like your Jesus cup guy. Miss you!

  2. Excuse me, but are you going to Hakusei Gakuen University? I really would like to go there as a transfer student through St. Thomas University of Canada... would you be willing to tell me what it's like as a student there? I'd be greatful beyond words.

    If you could contact me: julietnoknife @ live . ca

    By, the way, my name is Alexx (I'm a girl, to illiminate confusion of gender, haha).

    Thanks in advance if you decide to contact me (I've got my fingers crossed)!

    Oh and by the way, that Jesus in your cup... pretty sure that's awesome.