Friday, May 22, 2009


This is a picture of my two latest investments for learning Japanese. The yellow book is exactly what it says it is, and the purple thing is a 電地辞書。Denchi jisho, for all of you who can`t read 漢字. :D

Alright! It`s time for another huge update. It`s been what, a week? Yep. Ay yay yay, a lot has happened this week. Should I just start in order? Why not.

So, last Saturday...I went on this amazing trip with other BCAers and lots of Hokusei students. We went to an Ainu Museum, which is focused on the Native Hokkaido people from years ago. In the U.S., the Ainu are comparable to Native Americans, a volcanic crater, a volcano museum, and a National Park that was created about 9 years ago after a huge earthquake. The Park actually has real houses and broken roads in it, so it was extremely neat to see how damaging earthquakes can be. We stayed at an Onsen resort that had a huge swimming pool equipped with slides, a wave pool, and a surfing also had many ofuras, which are the naked baths. There were also outside ofuras, which we used to watch the fireworks. :D

Well, I guess it isn`t time for another huge update, because I still have so much to type about, but I am out of time. Until later...BYE!

Do watch this video. You will see me in utter happiness. :)

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