Friday, August 14, 2009

Being Home...

is weird! Lol. I am just going to type a little bit about being home and stuff. It is nice-incredibly nice-to be able to see the many people that I missed over the last 5 months, telling them all about my time and experiences in Japan. Of course, it's impossible to tell every single detail, but I have just loved sharing as many stories as possible. I only have until Tuesday left in the States, and then I will be back in Japan! I am really enjoying my time here, but I am anxious to get back into the routine that I grew so comfortable with, and I miss my host family and friends. Soon enough! Umm, let's see...I have went through reverse culture shock quite a bit, but it hasn't been too severe since the first day in Hawaii. I think knowing that I will be back in Japan soon has also eased the adjusting process, but temporary it's been hard to know what is going on in some situations. I am glad that I was able to come home, though, because I have definitely needed to reconnect with people here, and I feel like talking with poeple here has really made me realize just how much I have changed and how much I have really accomplished.

And that is a good feeling. :)

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